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Whitefield Bangalore

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Introducing “WORKCATIONS” by Total Environment. Nature has the innate ability to enhance productivity and well-being. We channel this through good design and bring nature into your professional lives. Enjoying the best of what nature has to offer, does not have to be paused or postponed until you leave the office. It’s all available in our thoughtfully designed Workcations. Workcations are in locations easily accessible by major roads and most will have metro connectivity in the near future. The Workcations are planned to be a part of an ecosystem consisting of workspaces, entertainment, dining and retail leading to vibrant communities. You don't need to "workaround" anything at our Workcations as everything is build to suit your need. The pursuit of a Radical Rhapsody is perfectly located on the ITPL Main Road, close to residential communities, schools, shopping centres, cultural hubs, hospitals, restaurants & hotels. An efficient connectivity and a well-developed social infrastructure have led to this area becoming self-sufficient. Good employment opportunities, coupled with a talent pool of highly skilled manpower, has had a positive impact on the residential and commercial real estate markets in Whitefield, thereby making it a brand that many companies want to be part of.

Interested in Total Environment Workations at Pursuit of A Radical Rhapsody, Whitefield? Fill your details in the form above & we will get in touch to schedule an exclusive preview for you & your friends and family.

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